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Protect Your Assets and Minimize Your Liability with Real Estate Syndication

QUALITY ASSETS: Gain access to large, lucrative investment opportunities rarely available to individual investors.
PASSIVE INVESTMENT: Generate meaningful returns in multifamily real estate without the hassle of being a landlord.
TAX BENEFITS: Benefit like the pros and offset your annual tax exposure while collecting monthly or quarterly distributions from the property’s cash flow.
PROTECTION: Enjoy all the benefits of owning real estate without the direct liability exposure that comes with being a property owner.
BULLET-PROOF PORTFOLIO: Diversify your portfolio with a proven asset class that has historically been a hedge against inflation.
STEADY CASH FLOW: Have peace of mind with a multifamily real estate investment that is less volatile than traditional stock-based investments and REITS.

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Why invest with Aligned Ventures?

15+ Years of Experience

We’ve forged a firm foundation in the multifamily industry through 15 years of successful hands-on experience.

A Results-Driven Strategy

We optimize operations, reduce expenses and upgrade properties to maximize the asset value and your investment.

Partners You Can Trust

We have skin in the game. Our sponsorship team invests a minimum of 30% of the capital required for each venture as a side-by-side coinvestment.

A Tailored Process

Our streamlined process is designed for busy professionals seeking hassle-free, passive investment opportunities.

Featured property

Serenity Garden Apartments

  • 121 Unit Property
  • Houston, Texas
  • 3 Equity Multiple
  • 39.97% Leveraged IRR
  • 16.38% 5. Yr. COC
  • 5 Years Hold Period
  • $7,355,631 Purchase Price
  • 9 Jun 2021 Purchase Date

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